If you are ready to heal, make some transformational changes or step into a new version of yourself listening to this Healing Session is a wonderful opportunity to get a feel of how I work. 

You can purchase the healing session, download and listen to it right away.

If you are interested in setting up a personal healing, counselling or coaching session please have a look at the various services I offer. 

Anyone suffering from an illness or going through intense or traumatic growth periods often feels powerless and helpless.

In this healing session (36 min.), I will take you on a beautiful journey where you can connect with your breath, the present moment and meet your inner healer.

Physical and emotional pain is an attempt from our body to communicate to us that something is out of balance. There is an inherent connection between physical health and being in flow with the energy of creation itself. When you are connected to the energy of source you are in a state of mindful presence. When you are in alignment with the energy of unconditional love you don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed because there is an absence of resistance. When there is an absence of resistance, there is nothing that can harm, hurt or destroy you. By knowing that your real being is unaffected, you can function naturally and simply flow with life effortlessly. Drop the assumption that you are merely the body and mind. Every experience, emotional state or illness is transient. If you identify yourself with events and experiences you become vulnerable and give your power away. 

When you practice detachment and discrimination you won’t be ruled by your senses and by your mind and your pure being emerges as the natural state. In remembering who you truly are the light of unconditional awareness will emerge. 

Everything is then seen as perfect and complete and your mind is peaceful and tranquil. Your state of being is not affected by outer events. Every experience comes and goes, pleasure and pain arise but you do not identify with them if you develop a witness attitude. The state of witnessing is very powerful and not passive. You are aware of any arising emotions or sensations but you are also aware that it is your mind’s attitude that determines how you perceive them. Your mind is the content of your consciousness and the body appears in your mind. You are a motionless witness in the river of consciousness. 

It is important to understand many are prisoners of their own mind. They have projected a world full of fear, danger, danger and hardships and the challenges they experience simply reflect their inner pictures. In other words, your life is a mirror which reflects where you are living from a place of love and where you are living from a place of fear. It shows you which areas require attention and healing. 

Usually, it is when the mind refuses to flow with life that energy gets blocked. Stagnation and energy blockages lead to diseases and suppressed emotions create imbalances in the mind body and spirit system.These imbalances are the leading cause of disease, illness, allergies, migraines, aches, pain, addictions, compulsive urges, anxieties, phobias, poor concentration, restlessness, irritability, depression and so on.

Flowing with life means total acceptance and letting come what comes and go what goes without resistance. As a result, deep and unshakable peace will arise. 

Holistic Healing is all about seeing yourself as whole and complete. 

It is about: 

  • reconnecting with your Soul, your Spirit, and your Intuition
  • letting go of conditioning and giving yourself full permission to be WHO YOU TRULY are, instead of being who you think you should be
  • stepping into your power and finding maximum joy and fulfilment in life
  • the recognition that there is more than meets the eye and there is more than meets the mind

How does healing actually work?

Our body knows how to heal itself as long as the mind does not interfere. Any healer or healing method creates a vibrational field of energy. A healer or holistic healing practitioner connects to source and radiates this frequency. A healer is simply a catalyst and a conduit.
The person who asks for assistance connects then to this vibrational field of energy. Healing occurs when the patient matches the frequency but only if the belief system does not get in the way. Healing happens automatically when we allow nature to flow and when we discover completeness within ourselves. The body is a creature of the mind’s creation.

True healing is simply radiance of your essential nature without distorted mind projections. Therefore healing is a matter of changing one’s vibration and belief system.
In a sense, disease indicates that we have created a gap between ourselves and the core frequency of creation.

Sometimes we choose to experience certain illnesses or disabilities because they serve us as a catalyst to go into a particular direction. Our higher self might even choose to experience various physical limitations to be of service to others.

Some of the concepts I introduce here might be deeply resisted by the ego and scarcity consciousness. This resistance will show up as anger, rejection or confusion. Therefore be gentle and compassionate with yourself during your healing journey and take sufficient time to integrate the information on conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. However don’t focus excessively on healing as this may delay the healing progress. Relax as much as possible. No matter how serious your condition is you will accelerate the healing progress when you let go of tension and striving and when you approach the healing journey with an attitude of relaxation, trust and humour. 

I recommend that you take some time for yourself after a healing session to allow the energies to settle.

When listening to downloaded healing or meditation sessions, you must be in a place where you can safely relax and sleep. Never listen to meditation or healing sessions whilst driving or operating machinery.  You must be 18 years of age or have parental consent before using this website.

The backing track used in this meditation is “BeyondWorlds” by Chris Mullett



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My name is Erika Brose. I am a fully qualified, Holistic Life Coach, Intuitive Counsellor, Holistic Healing and Soul Plan Practitioner. I have also trained in Hypnotherapy and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and I serve conscious men & women from all walks of life. It is my intention to empower you, to help you to connect to your inner wisdom and your true nature, facilitate your own healing so that you are elevated to higher levels in all areas of your life. To book a session or to discuss customised coaching packages please send an email to erika.inspiration@gmail.com. Sessions are done through Skype.

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