Healing Session & Enhance your energy and strengthen your auric field Booklet


Have you ever met someone and felt very uncomfortable around them, or attracted to them, for no apparent reason? You might have read intuitively and unconsciously their energy field.

Each time we send out a thought to a person or to an object, we send out a little energy impulse which forms a cord.

These thoughts combined with emotions and desires form a chain of attachments, running from our chakras to the objects of attraction. 

The same happens when someone thinks about us or has feelings for us. We usually form stronger energetic bonds with people who are close to us or with material objects which are very dear to our heart. 

If we hold on tightly to a person or to an object or a situation, the cords become stronger and more intense.  This is often the case when our emotions get stirred up, or energies such as envy, anger, hatred, blame, judgment, jealousy or greed build up.   

The following healing session will help you to release any unhelpful cords and attachments, facilitate deep healing on a soul level and strengthen your aura that only light can come in! The release will take place in a very gentle way for the highest good of all concerned and only the limiting aspects will be released. 

The stronger the aura the stronger the protection. Your aura acts like an umbrella ☔ in the rain so that everything that not in alignment with light and your highest good can’t permeate your shield of protection. Fear, doubt, self-loathing or other negative emotions such as hate and anger weaken our aura.

Meditation is one of many ways to strengthen your aura.
Another way would be to center in your heart and then to consciously send out harmonious and loving vibrations into the world. 

You will receive: 

  • Instant download energy infused healing session (31 minutes) – Voice and author: Erika Brose Composer: Chris Mullett 
  • 7 Pages PDF Booklet – Enhance your energy and strengthen your auric field 
  • Essential chakra/energy center information on an easy to read chakra chart 


I have added this healing session also to the master your frequency bundle and to the  Holistic Healing Kit.

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Discover your calling, connect with your higher purpose and become a radiant beacon of light!

How to listen

The best way to listen to your down­load is ly­ing down or sit­ting com­fort­ably with a straight back, and if pos­sible, us­ing head­phones. 

21 to 30 days – Dedication and consistency 

It’s been sug­ges­ted that after re­peat­ing the same thoughts or be­ha­viour pat­terns for 21 to 30 days, they be­come a new habit. So with that in mind, I would sug­gest listen­ing to your down­load every day for around three to four weeks. Al­tern­at­ively, you might like to listen to it when you feel out of balance or before an important event.  

I recommend that you take some time for yourself listening to the recording to allow the energies to settle.

After purchase and checkout, you will be given a link to INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD and SAVE your files to a DESKTOP COMPUTER, LAPTOP, SMARTPHONE OR TABLET. This download link will only remain active for four (4) days after the purchase after which it will expire. 

When listening to downloaded healing or meditation sessions, you must be in a place where you can safely relax and sleep. Never listen to meditation or healing sessions whilst driving or operating machinery.  You must be 18 years of age or have parental consent before using this website. By purchasing this meditation site, you confirm that you have read the following Disclaimer

Hi, I am Erika Brose and I offer a beautiful blend of Holistic Healing, Intuitive Counselling, and Coaching and I help people to cultivate self-love, heal emotional and psychological suffering, develop healthy self-care habits and reach their goals. 

If you are stuck or are currently struggling with your path we can explore the inner dynamics together and clear the blocks which prevent you from moving forward. After clearing the blocks we can also explore your vision for the future and capture specific goals so that your life can then start to flow in a far more creative and joyful way with new meaning and direction.

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  • Voice and author: Erika Brose Composer: Chris Mullett Total Time of the pre-recorded Healing Session: 30:50 & 7 Pages PDF Booklet & Chakra chart

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