How would your life change if you genuinely accepted yourself and all of the arising emotions without judgment or fear? Emotional Freedom means being able to embody any emotional state without resistance. 

The length of the recording is 33 min and before we dive into the meditation I explain a few things about emotions in general and the benefits which you will receive from mastering your emotions.

You can Skip to 9:17 if you prefer to start straight with the meditation. 

With insights from Eastern traditions and Western psychotherapies, Mastering Emotions meditation has been created with the aim to guide and support those who would like to deepen their realisation of Oneness, or simply wish to experience more fulfilment, release unnecessary baggage and navigate their day to day experiences with more ease and grace.

The nature of energy is movement and therefore energy needs to flow and circulate freely. Stagnation and energy blockages lead to diseases and suppressed emotions create imbalances in the mind body and spirit system.These imbalances are the leading cause of disease, illness, allergies, migraines, aches, pain, addictions, compulsive urges, anxieties, phobias, poor concentration, restlessness, irritability, depression and so on. They are also the source of many of the problems we experience in our relationships, careers, creative endeavours, and in our spiritual evolution.

When you think yourself into a state of fear, anger or stress, your brain will send the same biochemical signals to your body as if this event would actually occurring. Therefore anxiety and stress are self-created.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. If you want to have a different experience you have to do something different. 

Therefore the secret lies in generating a different emotional state through awareness and to make a choice to relax into love and trust.

All emotions can also be transmuted into their higher qualities.
Anger can be transmuted into strength, sadness into grace.

With time, we realize that mastering emotions includes accepting them as part of the whole and not to resist them. Therefore, it is entirely safe to feel our feelings. Ultimately there is only love and light (when we go beyond the mind), and all emotions are substantially neutral until we start to label them non-dualistically as good or bad. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in feeling and experiencing all emotions. The reason that they can be so painful at times is because of the judgment and the beliefs which we assign to them. The better way is to feel them fully and then to integrate them with love and compassion. Emotions are energy in motion. They can’t harm us if we allow them to flow freely. 

This program will help you to:

  • Listen to your emotional guidance system
  • Release trapped emotions
  • Feel empowered
  • Transform emotions such as anger and jealousy into self-esteem and inner strength 
  • Embody any emotional state and understand that true transcendence is all-embracing, and all-encompassing

When listening to downloaded healing or meditation sessions, you must be in a place where you can safely relax and sleep. Never listen to meditation or healing sessions whilst driving or operating machinery.  You must be 18 years of age or have parental consent before using this website.

The backing track used in this meditation is “SoulCalm” by Chris Mullett


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