Discover your calling and connect with your higher purpose e-book

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.”

~Terry Orlick 

Discover your calling, connect with your higher purpose and become a radiant beacon of light is a new 3 part course including a pre-recorded Guided meditation/Self Hypnosis session by Erika Brose. 

Everyone who purchases the course in August will also receive as a bonus a Mini Soul Plan Report + Personal Message (worth £25) about their current Soul Lesson free of charge! Cosmically speaking we have currently one of the biggest collective abundance fields! Let’s celebrate this new energy!

The Instant Download course contains a: 

✓ 27 Pages e-book on PDF
✓ Introduction audio to “Discover your calling” 14 min
✓ Prerecorded Self Hypnosis Audio “Discover your calling and connect with your life purpose” including a beautiful background track which will help you to connect with the very core essence of your higher purpose –  25 minutes

Hypnosis and guided meditation is a wonderful way to connect to a higher wisdom and creativity. It is also a wonderful tool for emotional, physical and mental healing.

Deep meditation and hypnosis are very empowering because it gives you the opportunity to connect with your own inner wisdom from your higher self. You will always receive the answer which you are ready to receive and understand.

With the help of this Self-hypnosis recording, you will be able to take yourself into a deep state of relaxation and open up to an expanded state of awareness. This will help you to connect with your Inner Guidance, your Soul wisdom and your Higher Self.

Would you like to wake up each morning full of joy and energy with thoughts such as,

“How can I serve from a place of love”


“How can I share my gifts, strengths, talents and knowledge with the world?

Sadly, the reality for many people looks completely different.

Many suffer quietly at work, are bored, stressed or may even be on the verge of a burnout and others are unhappy because they don’t have a job. You may also feel undervalued or lack any sense of meaning and joy. Joyless, tedious work or poor working conditions are often the cause for various mental health challenges such as depression.

No matter what you do for a living and whether you are employed or run your own business, there will always be challenges, frustrations, disappointments or things you dislike doing.

However, if you do the work which is in alignment with your higher purpose, you will always find the strength and energy to overcome any obstacles. If you connect to a higher vision which also brings many benefits to other people, suddenly doors begin to open, and resources or support start to show up.

It is only if you reconnect with your true Self that you can move from a state of unhappiness into a state of happiness and even into a state of bliss.

The information contained in this booklet will benefit those:

✓Who would like to gain clarity about their calling and their higher purpose
✓Who would like to live a more fulfilled and balanced life
✓Who feel stuck at their current job
✓Don’t believe that they can make a living from something they enjoy doing
✓Would like to open up their mind to the possibility that miracles are possible
✓People who consider starting their own business which is aligned with their higher purpose
✓Creative entrepreneurs
✓All those who understand that the ultimate joy and fulfilment will come from service to others
✓All those who realise that in the end, it is not about your worldly achievements and accomplishments and what you do for a living but who you are inside at the very core of your being

It covers the following topics:

✓Some details about my personal journey
✓Work is love visible
✓Most common obstacles you will probably face
✓Everything starts with an idea
✓The importance of your state of being
✓Be clear about your values
✓Various practical “Getting Real” exercises
✓Becoming aware how your beliefs influence your life and your results
✓Book recommendations which helped me most to discover my talents and strengths
✓Charging for services when you have a creative, service orientated or a spiritual business
✓Remembering that everything is transitory in nature

✓Inspirational thoughts which will help you to open your mind to opportunities and possibilities which you cannot perceive now.

Instant download after purchase!

You can download the e-book and the audios immediately after you have purchased them. I trust you will greatly benefit from these recordings and from the booklet.

As I mentioned above everyone who will purchase the course in August will also receive a Mini Soul Key Word Plan Report via email + Personal Message about their current Soul Lesson (worth £25) free of charge. 

If you would like to receive additionally to the 3 part instant download program the Soul Plan report please consider the following:

  1. Once you make your payment of  £25.00, please send your full registered birth name including all middle names to 

    The report will be only accurate if the full birth name is spelt correctly and is written in the same order as it is written on your birth certificate!

    Example: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

    Unlike most European countries in countries like Japan, China and Korea, the first name follows the family name. Example: Emoto Masaru even though he was known as Dr. Masaru Emoto in the west. And in modern Russia for examplenames consist of a GIVEN NAME(imia), a PATRONYMIC (otchestvo), and a SURNAME. However, the surname comes usually first on the birth certificate. Therefore it is always a good idea to double check the correct spelling of the name!

  2. I will email you the Key word Soul Plan Report including the personal Soul message/lesson within 3 working days.



How to listen

The best way to listen to your down­load is ly­ing down or sit­ting com­fort­ably with a straight back, and if pos­sible, us­ing head­phones. 

After you have listened to the recorded Self-hypnosis session which is a crucial part of this course, I recommend writing all the information and guidance which you have received while being in this expanded state of consciousness down.

When listening to downloaded healing, hypnosis or meditation sessions, you must be in a place where you can safely relax and sleep. Never listen to meditation or healing sessions whilst driving or operating machinery.  You must be 18 years of age or have parental consent before using this website.

Voice and author: Erika Brose

Composer: Chris Mullett

By purchasing this course including the self-hypnosis recording, you confirm that you have read the following Disclaimer

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