This session gives you an opportunity to discover and integrate some of your own unique hidden or latent “Soul Archetypes.” These sub-personalities make up part of our experience of individuality, but in a state of separation often act in conflict creating blockages at the unconscious level. Bringing them into conscious awareness is a fast and powerful way for us to become more whole, unified and aware.

During the session, we will be working with the 22 energies Hebrew Alphabet. Each of these 22 energies has, at least, two sub-selves linked. For some people, these are already quite well integrated but for others, they operate at a very unconscious level. We will give a “Voice” to both the negative and positive attributes of a subself.

The more we integrate our sub- personalities, the more we can rest in our essence. Our life can start flowing with much more ease and grace when we stop compartmentalising our consciousness.

If we transcend our definitions of good or bad, a sense of well-being will arise and we will start seeing everything as equal.

Our suppressed, denied and rejected qualities which we have defined as darkness are part of the whole and are therefore LIGHT!

Become aware of how you have separated yourself and let the darkness SHINE! 

Integrating different sub – personalities
can heal our core childhood wounds and trauma and help us to re-establish our connection to our own soul, and live our life from a place of integrity, wholeness and truth.

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes have been around since at least the time of Plato. In essence, most archetypes are psychological patterns derived from historical or roles in life, such as the Mother, Healer, The Conformist, Victim or Servant, they can also be universal events and situations, such as Rebirth and Death.

We all share 4 Archetypes, the Child, Victim, Prostitute and Saboteur. Each of these is deeply involved in our most pressing challenges related to survival. They represent different issues, fears, and vulnerabilities that we need to overcome as part of our life’s theme. After doing this, we start to understand that these four archetypes can become our best friends and represent spiritual and material strength. They can become our guardians who help us to act with integrity, refusing to negotiate our integrity for the sake of survival. Like everything else in the universe the energies of all archetypes are essentially neutral. However depending on our theme in this life we might have agreed to respond to the challenges which show up in our life in a certain way. So the archetype of a Child may show up as a Wounded or Dependent Child. If our choices are made unconsciously and we act defensively and fearfully, our fears will have more authority than the positive qualities of a child such as curiosity and innocence for example. The more conscious we become about such patterns influencing our behavior, the more likely it is that our choices and lessons will serve our spiritual empowerment.

Challenging life circumstance, crisis or illness often force us to begin the journey of personal empowerment. Personal empowerment begins with small choices that set enormous change in motion. This happens because of what each small choice symbolizes at the level of personal power.

If we change one small habit, for example, we bring an entirely different flow of energy into our life and our life can take on a completely new direction.

Structure of a session

These are the steps of a session, however I always work intuitively from the heart and I might spontaneously choose a different intervention or leave a step out.

  1. Setting up a sacred space.

  2. Initial Conversation or Exploration of the Energy Patterns

  3. Soul Card Reading to determine the Separation Pattern & The Core Issue

  4. Archetypes Exploration

  5. The Forgiveness Integration Process.

  6. The Soul Card Future Reading.

  7. The Integration & Grounding Process.



To talk to me further or to book a session please contact me by email or skype:

Skype: erika.brose

All sessions last approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes


1 x Soul Transformation Session – £70

3 x Soul Transformation Session – £195

5 x Soul Transformation Sessions  – £300  


Payment can be made via PayPal:

Prices in British Pounds (GBP)

Sub-Personalities Integration Session

My name is Erika Brose.

I offer a beautiful blend of Holistic Healing, Intuitive Counselling, and Coaching and I help people to cultivate self-love, heal emotional and psychological suffering, develop healthy self-care habits and reach their goals.
The types of issues I work with can vary from clearing emotional pain, clearing creative blocks, integrating conflicting sub-selves, archetype work, breaking unwanted patterns, clearing oversensitivity issues, clearing limiting beliefs, spiritual and emotional healing and most of all helping people find their soul’s purpose and clearing any blocks that prevent them from connecting fully with their soul purpose.

It is my intention to inspire, empower you and help you to find more clarity in life and reconnect with your true self. I help people to become more aware of their gifts and also their beliefs and values they are operating under. As you start to remember who you truly are, you naturally start to re-align with your true self and your life purpose. Your life can then start to flow in a far more creative and joyful way with new meaning and direction.

Through the unique combination of Holistic Healing, professional Holistic Counselling skills, and intuitive gifts, I provide compassionate and deeply accepting space to support you on your journey.

Together, we generate insight and transformation. My work is a co-creative, collaborative partnership with you to create the deepest insight, empowerment, clarity, wellbeing, healing and possibility, and enable you to share this with others. 

I have trained in a number of different healing techniques including energy psychology, relationship healing and a diverse array of therapeutic interventions but I don’t follow any particular tradition or concept as I work intuitively from the heart.


Healing, Coaching and Counselling over the Internet!

Online Counselling and Coaching via Skype is very effective and powerful.  

All sessions can be conducted from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. A primary requirement is a quiet place and a headset.  You do not need to travel and therefore Skype sessions help you to save time and offer a level of flexibility. Having a session at home allows you to create a sacred space and to rest and integrate the session directly afterward. 

I have noticed again, and again that Sessions via Skype are as powerful as in-person sessions and can facilitate healing, insight, transformation, and eliminate pain and suffering and offer the opportunity to reflect on all aspects of your life. The counselling, coaching, and healing sessions work on a multitude of different levels and help you to let go of everything that no longer serves you so that you have a renewed sense of purpose in your life.

You can have a video chat, or a voice call, like a phone call! Payment for Skype sessions is in GBP, via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account, just a viable credit card, and they make the currency conversions.

I have worked with people from Mexico, USA, UK, Germany, Spain, India, Russia, and Switzerland.  

Please note all times are GMT according to UK schedule.

We will need to work together to discover your timezone and make an appointment that works for both of us. Contact me by email on so we can figure out a good time to work!


What is a spiritual counsellor/holistic healing practitioner?
A spiritual counsellor or holistic healing practitioner has trained in a number of healing techniques. Their training at Holistic Healing College has included, counselling, energy psychology, relationship healing, hypnotherapy, spiritual life coaching, soul plan and a diverse array of therapeutic interventions.
A spiritual counsellor or holistic healing practitioner has recognised the importance of offering more than energetic healing or conventional counselling. The client also receives unconditional listening, sound advice, new resources, empowering beliefs and options for leading a more fulfilling and real quality life.
These integrated sessions address the client on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Energetic healing creates the space while a practical approach grounds the benefits in the here and now.

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My name is Erika Brose. I am a fully qualified, Holistic Life Coach, Intuitive Counsellor, Holistic Healing and Soul Plan Practitioner. I have also trained in Hypnotherapy and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and I serve conscious men & women from all walks of life. It is my intention to empower you, to help you to connect to your inner wisdom and your true nature, facilitate your own healing so that you are elevated to higher levels in all areas of your life. To book a session or to discuss customised coaching packages please send an email to Sessions are done through Skype.

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