Everything you can imagine is real.
-Pablo Picasso

Those who have read my last newsletter know that it was all about setting intentions as we have just entered a new cycle which was an excellent time to plant the seeds of intention for the next cycle (9 years) – your deepest, purest, most aligned desires, dreams and visions for every area of your life.

What usually follows next though is that some may have the tendency (despite knowing it better) to get attached to their intentions. I have seen this over and over again, as soon as we begin to cling, chase, grasp or become obsessed with something, we contract, and suffering will follow inevitable, (believe me, it’s just a matter of time).

The key to this whole manifestation game is to remain playful and to have an open and flexible approach, to purify one’s intentions, and most of all to align them with the highest truth, the will of Source, Divine, God, All there is, The Absolute, Infinity or whatever you might call it. But don’t try too hard or take things too seriously!

This whole life is a game, a big joke!

When you realise the truth this world can become a blissful place but as long as we are caught up in the illusion of Maya the world will often appear as a fearful or cruel place and full of suffering. 

Always bear in mind that nothing that is truly yours can be ever taken away from you!

I once heard someone saying that the Book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, is the Secret to more karma. I believe there is a lot of truth to it because so many people are chasing things to compensate for lack beliefs and not because this is their true heart’s desire.

Your task is to create, to express and to balance giving and receiving.

As long as you are attached to finite things and the focus is only on getting and consuming, you will be caught in this illusion of Maya.

On the other hand, your ability to allow and to receive without putting up unnecessary barriers by having expectations that certain conditions need to be met first or that the manifestation has to come in a certain way has a direct impact how fast you will see results. 

If you struggle to discern if your intentions or desires are in alignment with your higher SELF, simply ask to be guided to your next steps and that they may only manifest if they are for the highest good of all.

The next step is to let go completely. The moment you start to force something is the moment of resistance. This is when things start to become messy, and the results will be usually painful or chaotic. If something is really meant for you, it will come to you if you stay calm, relaxed and follow your intuitive guidance. 

Your intuition is your most reliable friend. It doesn’t matter if you label it as “gut feeling” or “psychic insight”.

Your only task is to let go of attachments, fear of discomfort, and worry and to keep your vibration as high as possible and then to take inspired and fearless action as soon as the guidance comes. You do not have to know in advance how things will manifest. 

Your happiness does never depend on getting things or manifesting something. The whole chasing attitude stops as soon as you realize that you are the source. You create with your natural energy through expression. What you express (send out) returns to you. So if you radiate lack most of the time, the same energy returns to you. 

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matthew 6:33

Your world reflects your fears or your faith!

It is not about the conditions but your state of mind. Your outer world mirrors to you your inner world. In other words: your life is your mind expressed. The outer world is the densest part of yourself.

I have spent time with very wealthy people who were obsessed with money and were lacking any sense of compassion or empathy. Even though they were materially wealthy they lived in a constant fear of losing what they had. For some of them, their biggest fear came true. Our expectations or fears influence the result and living in constant fear is a sign of giving one’s power away.

I have also met individuals who lived a very modest and simple life, but through their attitude of gratitude, inner contentment, openness, and trust they attracted everything they needed at the right time. They gained the consciousness of abundance by diligently cultivating gratitude from a loving heart. They broke the cycle to focus on what they don’t have, in other words, they transcended the belief in lack and as a result, all of their needs were continuously met, and if something did not show up, they did not make a big fuss about it but simply focused their attention on something else. They were looking for the good in all situations – even at those situations which the conditioned mind would label as negative. They understood that even the challenging times in life where they felt out of control, or experienced distress are crucial for our Soul’s growth and they are often followed by the emergence of new energy and inspiration.

Speeding up the process

As weird as it sounds but one of the most powerful manifestation catalysts is to clean your house and to get rid of clutter.

Nothing new can come into your life if you don’t create space for it first. Therefore the trick is to let go first what you no longer need.

When you clean your house, you simultaneously clean your mind.

I have heard the most incredible manifestation stories from people who cleared old stagnant energy. Be brave and courageous when getting rid of the old stuff and you can always ask your intuition to be shown what to release and what to keep. It’s a very simple but very effective step.

The most powerful way to create your life the way you wish it to be is to know that it has already happened. If you own and embody the vibration of what you wish to manifest, it is yours. However, the majority of people is chasing for things without having the consciousness for it.

You have to be the essence of what you wish to see on the outside. The problem with many goal setting and manifestation techniques is that they create a gap between your current vibration and the desired scenario in the future. But everything is happening in the NOW!

Nothing can appear magically out of the blue before you have the consciousness of it. Thank goodness, this protective mechanism exists otherwise this world would be a total mess.

I had a few coaching sessions with people who attended an event from Tony Robbins and were trying to imitate his success before being ready for it. The results were less than great to say the least.

Attitude of gratitude

“Wealth, in the first place, does not simply mean a condition in which there is a large amount of matter. To be wealthy means one has a large amount of something with which to do work that would benefit others. That which works to benefit others is love; and when we put love into
practice, it becomes wealth.”
-Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi

Last but not least, once you have aligned all of your intentions with God’s will and released any obsessive attachments, live in a state of joyful gratitude and anticipation and have a loving heart. If love and compassion are missing in your energy field, you will repel the good things. Love is often the missing part in the lat of attraction process. The more you value and love yourself the better reality you will create for yourself. You have to increase your self-love and believe that you are worthy of good things.

You presence becomes transformative when you love yourself.

You main commitment should be to be true to yourself and as a result, what really belongs to you will come.

If you feel truly empowered and love yourself, you won’t be jealous of other people’s success.

The moment you get out of the competitive mind and are genuinely happy (not just pretend as if) for someone’s else success and happiness is the moment when you start to embody the consciousness of abundance and infinite possibilities.


If you feel any resentment, anger, jealousy or hold grudges go back to square one and do all the inner work first, e.g. forgiveness processes, inner child work, releasing past lovers or people who caused suffering.

This is the reason why the “boring” work (like some people might call it) of acceptance, self-love, self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others, is crucial. It is the foundation for manifestation and reality creation. I observed many times that people were thrown back to square one again and again when they tried to step into a bigger version of themselves if they haven’t released the dense vibrations of the lower emotions first.

Some people who experienced trauma, for example, are often not even aware that they carry many trapped emotions within their system.

Many coaches advertise that the good thing about coaching is that you focus on positive things and what you want to create instead of dealing with the broken, wounded parts like it is the case in therapy or counselling. While there is some truth to it, that you don’t want to spend all your life healing the wounded inner child, you might consider to give it some attention, especially if this is something that keeps you stuck and prevents you from moving forward.
It’s like putting a band-aid on an injury instead of fully treating it.
No amount of positive thinking and motivational seminars or books will work if you don’t address the root cause, clear the subconscious blockages, release trapped emotions, and heal and integrate the wounded parts first. Healing or forgiveness simply mean that any painful or traumatic experiences will no longer control your life.

When you have tried everything, but nothing worked…

What do you do if something does not work out or if something that you desired so greatly does not manifest? It can be a relationship, a beautiful house, or a project which you invested much time and energy in, but suddenly you realize that it won’t bring any success.

Yoo might feel initially very disappointed, and it is important not to suppress those feelings.

The quickest way to deal with painful emotions is to welcome them in their full range. If we push them away, we only push them down into our subconscious mind.

Everything we think and feel is resonating in the ether.

Acceptance of the vibrations enables us to understand them, and to transcend them before they manifest in our physical reality.

If we observe any arising unpleasant emotions in a nonjudgmental way, then we will understand that those emotions are arising within our own being. We have created them through misaligned thinking, and no one outside of us has caused suffering to us. All emotions that we are experiencing are happening in our own mind, within our own heart. 

By taking responsibility and owning the emotion, we can create a space where those vibrations can reveal themselves for what they are, and as a result, healing can take place.

Be kind to yourself during this time. We are often very harsh and critical with ourselves if something doesn’t work out. However, this attitude does not eliminate the inner pain.

If you catch yourself being harsh and critical imagine what you would say to your best friend or to your child in such a situation and then say it to yourself.

This could look as follow: “I completely understand that you are disappointed that you didn’t get the promotion. I would be disappointed, too. But I know that you have done your best. And who knows if this is not a blessing in disguise.”

There must be another way…

I observed again and again that many people are expecting things to happen in a certain way. And I have also seen many miracles happening if someone was open to trying out Plan B and C if Plan A didn’t work out. Try to break free from any rigid thinking, even though those alternatives might sound like a compromise initially. They might be only a temporary solution and a stepping stone to something better. You might be surprised in a positive way if you give it a go.

A person of success or wealth consciousness has a highly expanded view and sees a situation from many different angels.


Remain Calm and Relaxed.

Be silent… And acknowledge any arising feelings.

Feel them fully…

Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out and then say to yourself.

“There might be another way.”

Now, ask…

“How could this way look like?”

“What could I do instead?”

Here are a few examples how this could look like in very practical terms:

Let’s assume you desire to be a house owner, but it is not possible to realize this dream at the place where you are currently living.

The alternatives could look as follow:

  • I consider the option to move a bit further out
  • I consider the option to move to another city
  • I consider the option to move to another country
  • I consider the option to move to another continent
  • I consider the option to move temporarily to my parents’ house to save some money
  • I consider the option to move to a friend who owns a huge house and might need some help around the house and will be, therefore, more than happy to offer me one of the rooms which are currently empty anyway.

Do simply some brainstorming, I am sure you will find much more alternatives.

I did this process once during a Intuitive Counselling session, and it turned out that the client’s biggest desire was actually to be free and to travel the world instead of owning a big house and having all the responsibilities to maintain it. 
Well, you never know… 

To get into the swing of infinite possibilities, you might want to read the following abundance prayer on a regular basis (repetition helps to reprogram your subconscious mind and build new neural pathways. Please also scroll down to the comment section, as I have explained in a very long comment there that abundance is not always about money).

A few more questions you could ask:

  • What would XY do in this situation?
  • What would my successful friend or a person I admire greatly do?
  • What kind of advice would my best friend give me?
  • What else needs to happen before my desire can materialize?

No matter how impossible the manifestation of a certain dream or reality seems to be, always bear in mind that you might have been saved from a lot of trouble. If you don’t allow your vibration to drop if you don’t see immediate results and turn your focus on something else instead, there are still chances that your wish will come true at a later time. You might have heard the saying: if you don’t need anything, you can have everything. Paradoxically it is often the intensity of our desire that keeps it away. The harder we try the less likely are the chances that we can align with the desired outcome.

Therefore the solution is always to stay calm, to relax, to soften, to let go, to allow and to trust. If you can relax while not having what you want so badly, you are free from the bondage of your mind. It is your mind in the first place that created a sense of lack.

I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you can fulfil your dreams but if for whatever reason this won’t be the case remain open and flexible and know that nothing is missing.

Much Love,


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