Susan L. Taylor (born January 23, 1946) is an American editor, writer, and journalist. She served as editor-in-chief of Essence from 1981 through 2000.[1] In 1994, American Libraries referred to Taylor as “the most influential black woman in journalism today”.

“Our fears can immobilize us, make us feel alone and unprotected, lost and confused, unable to see the many trails leading out of the woods. And there is always a way out. The way out is within. There is a sacred place within us where wisdom and clarity dwell. This is where God resides and has being. This is the simple truth we were born to discover. Awakened to this truth, we won’t fear the darkness of the night. “

“Listening in the silence each day isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.”

“Giving from an empty vessel causes stress, anger and resentment, seeds that sow disorder and disease.”

“No matter what we may think or feel, regardless of appearances, life is always on our side, always offering us the experiences we need to make changes and grow.”

“We are born trusting life to care for us, but over time we learn to fear living as much as we fear dying.”

“All the good that we are seeking is already ours in formless energy. It exists in a state that religious writer Gabriele Wittek calls “prematerial substance,” just waiting for us to say yes by doing the work that will bring it into existence.”

“I never focus on what I have lost, but on what I have left.”

“The truth is that everything—a lover’s betrayal, a parent’s harsh remark, even a health challenge—is a lesson for our growth, not for our oppression. Our lives become a painful journey only when we resist, rather than accept, the lessons on our path that are God’s invitation to grow.”

“Who am I? Do I feel happy, healthy and whole? How can I expand the promise of my life? Have I erected defences and barriers that are limiting my vision? Am I making choices that encourage my growth? Am I kind to myself? Am I loving to myself? Am I living my truth?”

“When you trust that you are in God’s care, you won’t fear change”

~ Lessons in Living by Susan L. Taylor

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