If you are ready to have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a greater sense of balance, joy, inner peace and clarity

  • Let go of stress and a scattered mind

  • Increase your feelings of well being

  • Enjoy more ease and calm

You are in the right place!

What is distant healing or energy healing?

It is a technique of channelling cosmic energy or divine energy. The life force energy can be projected infinitely and therefore the distance does not matter. 

A healer doesn’t heal! He simply holds space until the recipient is ready to activate their own healing abilities. The receiver needs to have an open mind and heart and be ready for healing. Healing happens from within and the healer acts as a facilitator. Energy is not stagnant and moves through intention and I do always set powerful intentions prior and during the healing session. 

The healer is only a channel through which grace and source energy can flow. All the happiness, joy, creativity, wellbeing, lightheartedness, inner peace and freedom are within us – at the very essence of our being. In an ultimate sense, we could also say that any emotional, physical and mental imbalances can be traced back to a separation consciousness. People try to find happiness in material objects or external sources such as relationships or careers without realizing that at a deeper level it is the spiritual connection that they are longing for. 

How does it work: I focus on you and your energy, connecting to you on an energetic level. My intent stays on sending this energetic gift to you to bring you into perfect balance. We will set a date (or date and time) prior to the session and you will confirm by email that you give me your permission to proceed.

What do you do during a Session: I generally conduct distant healing when the clients are in deep sleep. Once you have purchased a healing session please let me know your location and time zone, and what your usual bedtime is. However, if you are used to meditation and would like to experience the distance healing in a meditative state, we can arrange a time that suits us both too.

What happens after a session: I will confirm via email that distant healing has been conducted and I might also send some additional information, healing suggestions or pre-recorded healing sessions on mp3. Some clients feel energized after healing and others feel tired and require extended periods of rest. It will vary from person to person and vary based on the amount of work that needed to be done. The tired feeling indicates that we did a lot of energetic shifting, cleansing and healing. I always tell my clients to take it easy for the next 24 hours. Drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins that were released during the healing. Please remember it is important to stay grounded. This helps to integrate the healing energies.

How many sessions do I need?

Listen to your intuition as you choose the service for you, and you will usually know how many sessions you need to start with. I offer discounted rates for those who purchase a set of 5 or 10 sessions. The regular price for an individual 30 min Remote Healing session is £45 ($60). You can save £300 ($407) if you book 10 x 60 minutes sessions in advance. 

Everyone who purchases one or several distance healing sessions will also receive the following instant download prerecorded Healing Session on mp3 as a bonus gift. 

Connect with your inner healer – Prerecorded healing session


Erika is a gifted healer who is also a qualified Spiritual Counsellor, Holistic Healing Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach and Soul Plan Practitioner. She helps people cultivate self-love, heal emotional and psychological suffering and develop healthy self-care habits. The types of issues she works with in one on one sessions can vary from clearing emotional pain, clearing creative blocks, integrating conflicting sub-selves, archetype work, breaking unwanted patterns, clearing oversensitivity issues, clearing limiting beliefs, spiritual and emotional healing and most of all helping people find their soul’s purpose and clearing any blocks that prevent them from connecting fully with their soul purpose. It is her intention to inspire, empower people and help others to find more clarity in life and reconnect with their true self. She helps people to become more aware of their gifts and also their beliefs. As they start to remember who they truly are, they naturally start to re-align with their true self and their life purpose. Life can then start to flow in a far more creative and joyful way with new meaning and direction. It is Erika’s intention to give joyfully, following her heart’s knowledge and make a meaningful difference to someone.

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Hello and Welcome! I am honoured you are here and I hope that you will find the information, self help suggestions and services which I provide valuable and helpful. In the case you are here for the first time and we haven't met yet, I am a graduate of the Holistic Healing College in London. As a fully qualified Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Counsellor, Soul Transformation Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Digital Course and Online Healing Sessions Creator, trained in a wide range of Holistic Healing Modalities, I aim to support, guide, empower and most of all hold space for all the amazingly gifted women & men who desire to support and empower others. Please connect with me for one-on-one healing, coaching, counselling and mentoring for tips, tricks, tools, guided meditations, digital instant download courses, deep healing on a soul level and an inventive and intuitive way of living your life and making a difference with grace, enthusiasm, determination, flow, and ease. To book a private session or to discuss customised coaching packages please send an email to erika.inspiration@gmail.com. Private one-on-one work is done via Skype/Zoom.
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