If someone offered you a precious gift for 30 minutes of your time, would you be interested?

This is the reason why I offer complimentary Holistic Counselling and Holistic Coaching discovery sessions. 

Holistic Coaching or Counselling is a wonderful way to appreciate the potential for life transformation and in this complimentary session, we will determine whether you and I have the right chemistry as a team and can work well together. 

The nature of the work I do with clients is all-encompassing and extraordinarily transformative. 

Working together over an extended period of time requires a high level of dedication from both of us. 

I love working with individuals who would like to align with their higher purpose and are passionate and committed to their expansion. 

To apply, please send an email to erika@inspiration.com with a detailed description where you are standing now and the topic/s you would like to focus on e.g. healing, letting go of resistance, abundance, physical vitality, career success, general well-being, spiritual connection.

In addition please write out what you want for your life and what you no longer want. This sounds very simplistic but it is a very good starting point and we will discover any deeper desires as we go along.

I might also ask you a number of questions and we can also set up an appointment for a 30 min. Skype chat, so that we can both decide if we would like to work together. 

Q & A

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about improving your quality of life. This stimulating, challenging, inspiring and rewarding process empowers you to find clarity around your life goals and to identify blocks. Life coaching motivates you to take action, so you reach those goals faster than you would alone.

What is a  Life Coach?

A professional Life Coach is a trusted, objective, non-judgmental guide who provides a confidential and safe environment in which clients can explore their challenges and opportunities.

What is the client/coach relationship all about?

The client/coach relationship is a dance, an energetic dance; which if done well produces for both immense well-being, joy and success. It is up to the client to find the correct body stance with his partner, to attune to the appropriate tempo, then to let go and have faith in the currents. The coach has to be All in and so does the client. Or not. It’s a dance. The coach is one who maintains the grace of Presence with his client no matter what.

Why is Life Coaching So Powerful?

The real power of coaching is in the relationship and the process. By listening and caring deeply, coaches help clients connect with their own inner wisdom concerning the way they’d like to live and the best way to get there. They partner with clients in determining what’s blocking them and how to release that blocked energy in order to help them to move forward.

How Can a Coach Help Me?

Professional coaches don’t use their own experience as a model of success for clients. A professional coach’s true expertise is in the coaching process, with specialisations in a variety of fields. While they may share ideas from their own intuition, knowledge and experience, they hold a deep belief that clients are the experts in their own lives and have within them optimal answers to any situations they face. Through highly developed intuition and insightful questioning, a coach is a loving mirror that surfaces patterns and reflects them back to you to help you see new opportunities in yourself, your situations and your relationships.

Shouldn’t I be able to figure things out on my own?

Many people ask themselves this question, or they say: ‘I know what I have to do, I just haven’t done it yet…’ 
Old, ingrained habits and limiting beliefs are often the reason for not living to one’s full potential.  Identifying and transforming these requires awareness and focus that is made easier with an experienced guide at your side. Most of us have also a “blind spot,” that is obvious to everyone but not to ourselves.

Having support and an external perspective and encouragement makes a big difference and you’ll reach your goals faster and have more fun doing so. You’ll also come to understand what was holding you back before, so you are better equipped for future challenges life throws your way.

How long will it take before I start to see changes?

This depends on a number of factors, including how ready you are to make some changes, and how much quality time and energy you invest in the process, particularly in completing the action items you set for yourself during our sessions.

If you commit totally, you will probably start to see shifts very quickly. This feels exciting and there are even moments when you can feel a little overwhelmed at just how much change is happening on different levels at a time.

Why Is Over 90% of Life Coaching Done by Phone & Skype?

There are many reasons why coaches and their clients prefer coaching by phone rather than in person:

Ideal coach match: Because you’re not limited by geographic proximity, you have greater ability to choose the coach you would like to work with – providing the opportunity for an ideal match to your needs and personality.
Flexible and convenient: The coach and client can be anywhere they choose. Given today’s busy lifestyles, it’s a great benefit for both of us not to need to show up physically at the same place and time.
Relaxing and confidential: Because you choose where and when to take your coaching call, no one need know who you’re talking with or about what.
Effective: With a highly intuitive and empathic Holistic Life Coach, coaching by phone is often more effective than meeting in person. With the removal of potential distractions from physical surroundings and personal reactions, experience demonstrates, time and again, that a coach’s intuitive skills can support your discovery of insights you might not reach as quickly or at all via in-person coaching.

How Can I Be Sure Coaching Is For Me?

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Free Online Psychology/Personality Tests As an additional resource, you can access these free online psychology and personality tests. Friendly Disclaimer: They are for entertainment purposes only.

Psych Central Tests and Quizzes (pretty comprehensive)

Online Personality Tests

Color Quiz (more interesting than you’d expect)

Personality Lab

Holistic/Spiritual Counselling (including Soul Plan Analysis)

What is a spiritual counsellor/holistic healing practitioner?
A spiritual counsellor or holistic healing practitioner has trained in a number of healing techniques. Their training at Holistic Healing College has included, counselling, energy psychology, relationship healing, hypnotherapy, spiritual life coaching, soul plan and a diverse array of therapeutic interventions.
A spiritual counsellor or holistic healing practitioner has recognised the importance of offering more than energetic healing or conventional counselling. The client also receives unconditional listening, sound advice, new resources, empowering beliefs and options for leading a more fulfilling and real quality life.
These integrated sessions address the client on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Energetic healing creates the space while a practical approach grounds the benefits in the here and now.

Holistic Counselling can help you to:

  • Break old patterns and create new ones which enable transformation
  • Shift you into newer energies, higher frequencies, a more connected being connected to the world
  • Heal fear, trauma and deeply held memories
  • Develop a relationship with your Higher Self – an inner guide who helps to manage life’s ups and down
  • Align is with your higher purpose and awaken your inner spirit through self-realization
  • Become aware of sabotaging patterns and understand what keeps you stuck – your challenges, key energies you are working with and themes for this lifetime
  • Heal the past, the memories and personal stories that keep your limited beliefs and patterns in place
  • Understand the power of Compassion, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Awareness in your healing path and how you can integrate these into your daily life
  • Balance the power, wisdom and love within you so you think, feel and act in alignment with your divinity
  • Regain focus, clarity and purpose
  • To feel empowered from within


Disclaimer Spiritual Counselling/Soul Plan Reading
Although spiritual counselling is used to treat a wide range of conditions (both mental and physical) these methods may not be suitable for those persons experiencing certain mental/physical conditions. If you are experiencing a mental/physical condition that has or may warrant medical/psychiatric attention you must seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner.

By continuing working with Erika, you agree that you have read and understand the statements.

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Hello and Welcome! I am honoured you are here and I hope that you will find the information, self help suggestions and services which I provide valuable and helpful. In the case you are here for the first time and we haven't met yet, I am a graduate of the Holistic Healing College in London. As a fully qualified Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Counsellor, Soul Transformation Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Digital Course and Online Healing Sessions Creator, trained in a wide range of Holistic Healing Modalities, I aim to support, guide, empower and most of all hold space for all the amazingly gifted women & men who desire to support and empower others. Please connect with me for one-on-one healing, coaching, counselling and mentoring for tips, tricks, tools, guided meditations, digital instant download courses, deep healing on a soul level and an inventive and intuitive way of living your life and making a difference with grace, enthusiasm, determination, flow, and ease. To book a private session or to discuss customised coaching packages please send an email to erika.inspiration@gmail.com. Private one-on-one work is done via Skype/Zoom.

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