Soul Plan reading (best known for analysing the vibrations within your name) helps you to:

• uncover your greatest strengths (career, creative, financial and spiritual talents) and align with your higher Soul Purpose
• understand the past and reveal your best future potential
• see clearly your greatest challenges and how these can be overcome
• receive an energetic activation and practical tools to heal and align your purpose
• align with your higher Soul Purpose

Business Name Reading

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In a business reading we compare the energies of the founder with the energies of the business name and  how they relate to the type of business,  vision of the company and brand and also how they align with the collective agreements of the company’s target market.


These readings have different levels of complexity and the price depends on the number of names we will be looking at. I would also need to know the type of business including vision and goals. 

Prices start from £130

For more information, advice or a quote please contact me using the details below: 


Skype: erika.brose



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Hi, I am Erika Brose. I am a fully qualified Holistic Life Coach and Intuitive Counsellor and I have also trained in Hypnotherapy, and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). I work with conscious men & women mostly on a one-on-one basis. It is my intention to empower you, to help you to connect with your inner wisdom and your true nature, facilitate your own healing and empowerment so that you are elevated to higher levels in all areas of your life. To book a session or to discuss customised coaching packages please send an email to erika.inspiration@gmail.com. Sessions are done via Skype

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