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When you connect with stillness, you also connect with a creative intelligence that is higher than analytical thinking.


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Allow each and any experience to be an invitation to become more of who you truly are. As you evolve in consciousness you become more and more independent of the good opinions of others and you will find safety in being completely open to the equality of all possibilities. Have always your higher purpose in mind and don’t allow any seeming obstacles make you doubt your genuine intentions for this life. 

~Erika Brose


My name is Erika Brose.

I help people cultivate self-love, heal emotional and psychological suffering and develop healthy self-care habits.
The types of issues I work with in sessions can vary from clearing emotional pain, clearing creative blocks, integrating conflicting sub-selves, archetype work,  breaking unwanted patterns, clearing oversensitivity issues, clearing limiting beliefs, spiritual and emotional healing and most of all helping people find their soul’s purpose and clearing any blocks that prevent them from connecting fully with their soul purpose.

I have been doing Soul Plan Readings for the past two and a half years and I am still amazed and fascinated each time I look for the first time at someone’s Soul Plan.

It is my intention to inspire, empower you and help you to find more clarity in life and reconnect with your true self. I help people to become more aware of their gifts and also their beliefs and values they are operating under. As you start to remember who you truly are, you naturally start to re-align with your true self and your life purpose. Your life can then start to flow in a far more creative and joyful way with new meaning and direction.
It is my intention to give joyfully, following my heart’s knowledge and make a meaningful difference to someone. 

I have been trained in a number of different healing techniques including energy psychology, relationship healing and a diverse array of therapeutic interventions but I don’t follow any particular tradition or concept as I work intuitively from the heart. 

These are my services These are my posts in English and German. These are testimonials from clients. This is my Story.

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Thank you for visiting! Happy exploring. 

Love, Erika 


SOUL PLAN READING (Life Purpose Guidance)


Would you like to know what your gifts are?
Do you lack a sense of direction?
Would you like to know which challenges are holding you back and use your talents to overcome them?

Have you wondered why you think and act as you do, why you attract particular circumstances time and again, why your life shows a specific pattern of events – dramatic or successful, why certain health challenges are occurring in your life? There has to be a reason? These patterns can be changed with the proper understanding of the Mathematical Principle applied to language, and particularly the name.


  • Soul Plan reading reveals the deepest truth about your life. It is based on the sound vibration of your birth name and is calculated using original methods derived from ancient texts such as the Zohar and the Sefer Yetzirah.
  • It can help you understand why certain patterns are occurring again and again and which limiting beliefs are holding you back.
  • Through the personal Soul plan reading, you will come to appreciate that you are governed by spiritual laws which are as influential and immutable as the physical law of gravity.
  • Many clients experience powerful insights and “aha moments”. Soul plan reading helps to overcome certain challenges and obstacles in life and reach true fulfillment.

You can find more information about the Soul Plan (German or English)  here  or contact me via email to arrange a session: erika.inspiration(@)

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  1. Hello Ericka,
    I just stumbled across your website, isn’t it so curious how that happens? I’m wondering if you can tell me what you charge to conduct a soul plan reading? Is it in US funds? Or can it be in Canadian dollars? Thank you.

  2. Hi Erika, I was wondering in which Language you do the Soul plan reading through Skype. Thx for your Feedback. Greetings Nadja

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